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Expert Electrical Planning and Builder Services

When you build a new home from the ground up, one of the greatest advantages is having full control over where outlets, switches, and mounted lighting fixtures are placed. Working closely with a trusted professional for comprehensive electrical planning ensures that your home is equipped exactly as your family needs.

Our electricians will guide you through the process of strategically placing outlets that meet code requirements, assist in selecting lighting ranging from recessed to decorative options, and help determine the appropriate electrical service size to meet your demands. We take the time to walk through each room with you, discussing various scenarios and ensuring all safety and compliance standards are met according to local building codes.

Electrical planning is a nuanced process that considers your lifestyle, design preferences, and regulatory requirements. Our goal is to simplify this process, offering expertise in all aspects of electrical planning for new home construction in Massachusetts. Our experienced team is prepared to leverage their skills and resources to deliver a safe, efficient, and customized electrical system for your new home.

Benefits of J.J. Galvin Electric helping your Custom Home project:

Sean and his crew did the electrical at my new build in Natick, MA. He was referred to us by our builder and we still use his crew. We have been so happy with the work they have done and the professionalism of the crew. I highly recommend using J.J. Galvin Electric
Natick, MA

Contact our specialists at J.J. Electric for your upcoming new home wiring project in Newton, MA. We prioritize prompt service and will swiftly complete your new home wiring, ensuring you have the necessary electrical functionality without delay.
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Builder Information

Are you a builder in the Massachusetts area seeking a reliable electrical contractor for your next project? Look no further than J.J. Galvin Electric! With over 35 years of experience, we have assisted numerous builders and general contractors with projects ranging from additions to custom home wiring.

We have a deep understanding of project completion, minimizing change orders from start to finish. Our dedicated project managers can assist you in establishing a comprehensive lighting plan and staying within budget. What sets us apart is our strong relationships with homeowners, ensuring minimal changes and addressing any concerns promptly.

What You get

The J.J. Galvin Electric difference

Plan Design
Our team uses a CAD software for all custom homes for lighting design. This eliminates unnecessary change orders for the client when they can review the lighting and switching plans during the rough phase.

We collaborate with you to determine optimal placement for outlets, data connections, switches, and appliance wiring.

Service Panels
It’s crucial to consider not only the current load requirements but also future installations such as EV chargers, hot tubs, and pool equipment.

Does your client prefer traditional toggle switches or seek a customizable lighting solution like Lutron RadioRA? Our electricians at J.J. Galvin Electric are available to provide help choosing the best solution. 

Surge Protection

We can help you decide if a surge protector is the right choice for your largest investment. 

Whether installing a backup generator during construction or preparing wiring for future installation, integrating this during building is cost-effective and efficient.
Our team can assist with speaker wiring for both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. J.J. Galvin Electric is a sonance dealer for all audio products.
Lighting plays a crucial role in new construction home. We help you select ideal lighting solutions to achieve your desired aesthetic.
Planning a pool installation? We handle wiring for all pool equipment, panels, and necessary lighting.
Exterior Lighting
Whether for security, pathways, or landscape enhancement, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.
Fire Alarm
There are many options available to you regarding fire safety. Our electricians can discuss the option of a traditional local system following the NFPA72 and an addressable system.

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Expert Electrical Planning for Your New Home

Building a new home from the ground up allows full control over the placement of outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures. J.J. Galvin Electric offers comprehensive electrical planning to ensure your home meets your family’s needs. Our electricians guide you through strategic outlet placement, lighting selection, and determining the appropriate electrical service size. We walk through each room with you, discussing various scenarios to meet safety and compliance standards. Simplify your new home construction in Massachusetts with our expertise in safe, efficient, and customized electrical systems.

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