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Preparing your home for vacation

Electrical tips for summer vacation

Are you planning on a vacation this summer? We are fortunate that we have access to so much technology to keep our homes safe even when are aren’t there. Our team at J.J. Galvin Electric is here to help you with all of your summer safety tips. Take a look at our best tips below!

Installing security cameras- Installing a security cameras is one of the best way to protect your home while you’re away. There are lots of options on the market these days such as Ring, Google Nest and Eufy. These are beneficial because you can easily monitor the footage from anywhere, even while on vacation. You’ll receive alerts when there’s motion, or someone rings your doorbell. 

Outdoor Security Lighting- Outdoor security lighting with motion sensors deter unwanted visitors or burglars. Burglars target dark, quiet areas where they can remain undetected. Installing exterior security lighting helps reduce vulnerability by illuminating these dark spaces.

Smart Thermostat- Keep tabs on your home while you are not there. A Smart Thermostat will not only be able to save energy but will alert you if there is a problem with your heating and cooling system. You can set up notifications to alert you if the temperature suddenly becomes very hot or cold. Adjust the temperature in the morning so you can walk into a home that is comfortable. 

Unplug devices you aren’t using- Even if you don’t have them turned on, things that are plugged into your home’s electrical outlets will still draw some power. 

Backup Generator- Prepare for New England’s notorious storms, which are known for causing power outages. These storms can lead to various complications if the outage lasts longer than a few minutes. Ease your concerns about severe storms by investing in a home generator this summer. There are numerous advantages to having a generator ready after a storm disrupts power. Generators have a mobile app that will notify you when your generator is running. 

vacation with a peace of mind

At J.J. Galvin Electric, our team of electrical experts can assist you in choosing and installing home security systems, exterior security lighting, smart thermostats, and backup generators in Massachusetts. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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