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Electrical Repairs in Newton, MA

Experiencing electrical issues at your residential or commercial property in Newton, MA? Unsure where to turn for reliable electrical repairs? Look no further than J.J. Galvin Electrical. We boast some of the industry’s top electricians who continually advance their skills through ongoing training. This commitment ensures they deliver cost-effective solutions and superior service for all your electrical needs.


Not sure if you require electrical repair in Newton, MA?

Watch for these common signs of electrical problems:

If you notice any of these indicators, contact us promptly. We’ll promptly address your concerns and provide expert assistance.

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Reliable Electrical Repairs

Our trusted electricians at J.J. Galvin Electric can help you with all of your electric car charging station installation needs. Our team of expert electricians are ready to assist you with every step of your installation- from evaluating your electrical system to selecting the right charger we will be there every step of the process.

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