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Whole Home Standby Generators by Generac. Sales, Installation, Service & Repair

Ensure safety of the electrical systems of your home and stay away from power failures. Get Generac Generators installed by J.J Galvin Electricals in Newton, MA. Steadfast assistance, quality craftsmanship and safe installation are our hallmarks. Call us now for installation, sales or service of Generac standby generators!

Get Generac whole home backup generator Installation done at competitive rates in and around the Boston, MA area.


Are you worried about electrical blackouts and power outages at home? Searching for the right solution? Generac standby generators is your perfect choice then! All you need is to give us a call and we are at your service for installation and maintenance of Generac Generators at residential properties.

J J Galvin Electrical is official dealer for Generac standby generators sales and service in Newton, MA. We are well-known for our prompt service in electrical installation and maintenance in residential as well as commercial properties. Our technicians are high knowledgeable and fully licensed to do the task. Hence you can rely on us for safe and reliable installation and maintenance of Generac standby generators.

Why Generac standby generators?

Wondering why people choose Generac standby generators? This home back-up generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up entire home or selected equipment. There are many reasons why Generac standby generators is a preferred choice for residential power back-up systems. Read it here.

  • Automatic system: You don’t have to worry if you are not around while there is a power blackout. It automatically starts operating when the power goes off.
  • No refueling: It runs on existing natural gas or Liquid Propane Fuel and you don’t need to refuel it.
  • Direct connection: This generator delivers power directly to the home’s electrical panel.

Why Galvin Electrical?

Wondering how to get Generac standby generators installed at you home? If you are in or around Newton, MA, all you need is to call Galvin Electricals for sales and service of Generac Generators. Here is why you should hire us for generator installation at home.

  • Professional Services: Our team is thoroughly trained to give you highly professional services without any compromise on the standard procedures.
  • Licensed Technicians: Our technicians are licensed to do the task. You can rely on us for safe and secured installation and maintenance.
  • Timely Completion: We make sure the work is completed on time without any delay.
  • Steadfast Assistance: Our support team is readily available anytime to give you immediate assistance in case of any trouble.

When you choose to work with J.J. Galvin Electrical, we will provide you with trusted one-on-one assistance and help ensure that your needs are fully met. You may face a wide variety of commercial electrical issues, and whether you have concerns over a new or ongoing project, you can contact J.J. Galvin Electrical today for assistance from an electrical contractor who is located in Newton. Schedule an appointment for you free estimate to get started!

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Generator Installation FAQ's

Generator FAQ's

1How long does it take to install a generator?
This ranges on a case by case basis but we typically see 3-4 days overall.
2Do I have to push a button to turn on the generator when I loose power?
Standby generators have automatic transfer switches that monitor the feed from the utility company and when your home loses power it will automatically turn on. When it gets power back from the grid it will automatically turn off.
3Can I choose what day and time it will self test every week?
Yes, ask the technician when he is programming it.

Generator Installation Timeline:

Thank you for choosing Galvin Electric for your generator installation! Although every generator installation is different most generator installations follow the same timeline as below:

  • Estimate
  • Place order for generator
  • Permits are pulled
  • Prep pad for generator (pour concrete pad or use generacs gen pad) -Transfer switch installed; next to the main breaker box- the transfer switch senses where the power is coming from and when to switch over to generator power.
  • Fuel line is connected by plumber.
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Galvin Electric comes back to program the generator. At this point if you lose power the generator will turn on and be fully functioning
  • Electrical Inspection
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